As you read the Bible, as you participate in Bible study, as you pray, you acquire spiritual ears. "Consider carefully what you hear." (Mark 4:24). Luke 8:18 phrases it "Consider carefully how you hear." Each new lesson from God's word sparks a light that radiates more brightly as you learn more.

Fill your head with nonsense, and the light will become dim until it's all dark. Prioritize other things in your life, and it's like putting your light under a bowl or under your bed - sounds kinda silly, doesn't it?

But fill your head with God's Word - its words, its meaning, its applications - and the light in you grows ever brighter. Light is meant to illuminate.

Be warned about being careless with your attention:

  • you hide whatever light you have under a bowl (Mark 4:21)
  • even the light you may have had will be taken away (Mark 4:25)

Now compare the exponential nature of giving careful consideration to what you hear:

  • you fill your mind with hope for yourself, the hope that is in Jesus Christ (you're 'given more' - Mark 4:25)
  • your hope overflows into the lives of others - and you might not have ever said a word to them - you simply radiate light (and even more - Mark 4:24)

So perk your ears up to spiritual things. Read your Bible every day - aloud, so you can hear God's Word in your own voice. Listen carefully to your pastor and Bible teachers with an open Bible. And pray aloud using God's own words. Discern light from the dark and ignore the dark - soon you'll find that your light will become ever brighter."