Jesus took the disciples away from the crowds to teach them privately. Remember that when Jesus was with the crowds, He taught in parables (Mark 4:34). Now, alone with the disciples, Jesus explained everything.

Maybe they needed a little refresher on prayer after the last passage, in which Jesus was a little frustrated at their inability to cast a spirit out of a man's son.

But what Mark records here is a lot more serious. Jesus was preparing them for what was soon to come - something that would challenge their faith like nothing else. He told them:

  • He was going to be betrayed
  • He was going to be killed
  • After three days He would rise

This isn't the first time Jesus told them this. He had also told them in Mark 8:31-32. On that occasion, Peter didn't like the sound of that and Jesus rebuked him. They did not understand then, and they don't understand here in this passage either (Mark 9:32).


But we learn important things from this brief passage:

  • God shares His future plans - plainly - with those He loves and who love Him
  • We should not be afraid to ask about things we do not understand
  • We should always listen carefully when we hear the Lord speak - our future may depend on it.