And all the people said, "how bad is it?"

Hell is so bad that you'd be better off to have one hand cut off, one foot cut off, be blinded in one eye, and be tossed into the sea with a millstone tied around your neck than to go there.

And all the people said, "That's pretty bad. But what can I do to stay out of hell?"

Mark 9:33-50 gives us a terrific summary:

  • Be the servant of all (Mk. 9:35)
  • Welcome others in Jesus' name (Mk. 9:37)
  • Accept what others give you in Christ's name (Mk. 9:41)
  • Never draw others away from Jesus (Mk. 9:42)
  • Be at peace with one another (Mk. 9:50)

That's a pretty tall order - if we were to attempt to do it in our own power. But by being a "servant of all", and following Jesus' guidance we will find ourselves "at peace with one another".


There's got to be dozens of lessons in the passage above. Study these on your own and discover the way to heaven.