The twelve apostles were low in social standing, they were not the most literate among their peers. They were like tiny mustard seeds in a world where the sword ruled. Yet it was because of the teaching they received from the savior of the world and the power of the Holy Spirit that He promised to send, that the Kingdom of God exists as it does today - the greatest of all kingdoms in all history under heaven.

Jesus spoke to the general population in parables. They were skeptical of Jesus, even though they were knowledgeable about the scriptures and, through centuries of careful study passed from generation to generation, should have instantly recognized their Messiah. But their study quickly became corrupted, their own desire for power and authority over others caused God to cut them off - blind them - to the truth.

Jesus chose to explain His eternal teachings to those whose minds were open to it - to about a dozen men who knew they didn't know everything and were hungry to learn.

Are you teachable?

Are you listening to God through His Word?

Have you asked Jesus to explain His teachings to you?