When we last left Jarius, Jesus had agreed to go with him to heal Jarius' daughter. Now we learn that it's too late. Some men met Jesus, Jarius and the crowds following them and reported that the girl was dead. That's a faith-destroyer. Jarius must have been on his knees in tears.

But Jesus told Jarius not to be afraid. "Just believe", He said (Mark 5:36).

Now Jesus stopped the crowds, allowing only a few select disciples, and Jarius, to continue to the house. There they found mourners crying and wailing loudly. They knew Jarius' daughter was dead - why would they believe anything else? Certainly, it was confirmed if not directly witnessed.

So when Jesus comes along and says "The child is not dead but asleep" (Mark 5:39), the mourners had no faith, they didn't believe, they just laughed (which may seem astounding in itself - who would find such a thing funny?).

Jesus sent all the faithless out - what good are they? They don't believe! But Jarius and his wife must have - because Jesus allowed them and His closest three disciples to witness what would come next.

"Get up!"

And she did! She stood - she didn't doubt her feet or ankles or knees in the slightest - and she walked around. Clearly, Jarius and his wife did not doubt, either (or they wouldn't be allowed in the room).

For about three years, Jesus taught and healed people all over the land. It was a unique time in history and teaches the concept of applied faith to all generations. Will the dead rise because you believe and have faith? Not likely. The time of miraculous examples - at least in lands that have faith - is past. Jesus' work was accomplished in three years' time, over 2,000 years ago. The testimony of His life, death, and resurrection is all we need today to believe, to have faith, and to stand confidently no matter what the so-called evidence says.

Will you stand confidently?