Alaska Governor and Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is under fire for asking questions no one else will ask: "why won't Barack Obama explain his many domestic terrorist and radical anti-American associations to the American people?"

It's a mystery why no news agencies will investigate and report on this when the election is so close. It's an established fact that Obama is more than just an acquaintance with domestic terrorist William Ayers. It's an established fact that Obama was a member of Jeremiah Wright's radically racist and anti-American church for over 20 years. It's an established fact that many of the opportunities he was given were obtained on the recommendations of people who were directly involved in Muslim organizations - including the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

All this is well-documented fact, yet the media remains absolutely silent on anything that will inform the voters that he represents a very destructive element of American socialism.

So Palin has the nerve to bring up just one small aspect of all this - his close, long-term relationship with Ayers. Imagine if all the truth were known.

Do 49.3% (most recent poll) really want to take the United States out of it's current democratic system and into full-fledged socialism? Isn't it bad enough that we've been robbed of our "Constitutional Republic" form of government over the past 150 years?

As you consider who to vote for, ask yourself:

  1. Why are so many important facts being withheld about Barak Obama?
    • Because the vast majority of people in front of the TV screen (media, Hollywood) are delusional - they see themselves as superior to you and I, and believe that in a socialist/Marxist utopia that they will be elevated to the god-like status they believe they are denied in a free-market society. Oh, and by the way, we 'commoners' will serve them.
  2. Is "Change" what we think it is?
    • No. Obama and his followers all envision a utopia of their own making. So often a charismatic leader has led a people down a garden path based on the premise of "change" and disaster and disillusionment followed. Interviewers asking his supporters exactly what 'change' Obama represents all have different visions. Based on his close associations, his background and beliefs, 'change' clearly represents socialism and more likely Marxism.
  3. Will John McCain and Sarah Palin give us a government anything like President Bush did?
    • No. McCain has long opposed President Bush on many issues of government in America. If anything, McCain is a Democrat of the sort that existed until the 1960's. He's being redefined as a 'conservative', but he's not. The best Americans can do is hold the line of democracy in America by voting for McCain. One thing McCain and Bush have in common: they both believe in bipartisanship, which is really defined by Democrats and media as Republicans giving in to Democrats demands.
    • As for Palin, what little we know of her indicates that she is truly a conservative, and realizes that by accepting McCain's invitation to be his running mate, she advances her sphere of influence as she has demonstrated by her recent blunt comments - questions that would never see the light of day were she not the VP candidate. The best thing that can happen is that McCain wins in November, if only to bring Sarah Palin into the national scene. If she's able to maintain her conservatism in Washington, conservatives will have a voice in Washington.
  4. Do you want to live in a socialist nation?
    • I know I don't. The Soviet Union was the inspiration for Fidel Castro, and Fidel Castro was the inspiration for Hugo Chavez. China continues to define their own brand of socialism, and Barack Obama and a democrat-led congress will attempt to establish socialism for Americans.
    • No matter how you slice it, socialism will create in reality what we hear from democrats in theory. For instance:\n
      • A 'class' system. We do not have a class system in America. But it's all you've heard for a generation. Yet you and I can all aspire to excel to any level of success - we can do, be and have anything we want in life - if we'll do what it takes. Not so under socialism. You're assigned to a class based on what the government decides you will contribute to society and you remain in that class until you die. Do you think terms that we hear in our society like 'workers', 'taxpayers' and 'consumers' are an accident? Individualism is not acceptable in a socialist nation - you're defined by what the government says you are.
      • A takeover of private enterprise. Competition results in better quality and lower prices. What motivates us to make better products and services is the reward of recognition and profit. We strive to do better so that we can make a contribution and be recognized for it. Socialism takes away that motivation. There is no longer any reason to make better products and services because there is no reward other than that you get to eat another day. I marvel at the abundance we have in the U.S. We have plenty - and it's ONLY because we have the freedom to choose and to vote with our wallets for the products and services we want. All that goes away under a socialist America.

These aren't unfounded questions. The facts are out there, and the vast majority of people entrusted with reporting this information are not only failing to report it - they're hiding it!

And Sarah Palin walks along a tarmac from her plane and calls Barack out on what 'change' really means."