Imagine for a moment, the stereotypical young father-to-be attempting to assemble the new crib. Certain how easy it will be, he tosses the instructions aside and begins connecting the pieces. His expectant wife looks on with growing concern for her baby's safety. As she observes his growing frustration, she tactfully asks, "Maybe we should see what the instructions say."

He snaps back, "I know what I'm doing", and she runs from the room in tears.

When Jesus was about to enter Jerusalem, He sent two disciples ahead to bring back a colt from a nearby village. He further told them exactly what to say if anyone asked them what they were doing. (Mark 11:2-3). This account demonstrates the importance of complete obedience to God's instructions. Things were exactly as Jesus had said, and when some people asked, "What are you doing?", they answered as Jesus told them (Mark 11:4-6).

As a result of their complete obedience, prophesy was fulfilled (see Zech. 9:9). Nested in this simple narrative is the demonstration of an important principle: God gives His obedient servants the privilege of participating in His good purposes.

So when we read God's Word, when we study the Bible, God is speaking to us, giving us instruction. If we obey only part of it, or if we fail to study it in proper context, we risk missing out on this privilege, and maybe causing damage. The study of God's Word, all of His Word, is vital to participating with God in His good and worthy purposes. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's hard. But just the privilege is worth making His will your life purpose.