We live in great abundance. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us - those generations who labored to create and nurture the liberty and opportunity which we enjoy today. Yet there are those who reject these gifts.

The religious authorities of Jesus' day were such people. From the time of Abraham through the struggles of Moses to Israel's great king David, then to the decline which resulted in the fall of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah, these Chief Priests, teachers of the law and elders (Mark 11:27) had no appreciation for what was given to them.

Using a parable, Jesus reminded them how ungrateful they had become. As you read Mark 12:1-12, consider:

  • The man who owned/planted a vineyard is God
  • The vineyard is the Nation of Israel (see Deut. 6:10-12)
  • The farmers/tenants are the tribes of Israel
  • The servants sent by the owner are the Prophets of Israel
  • The son of the owner is Jesus (Mark 12:6)
  • The other tenants are the Gentiles

Jesus is exposing this ungrateful generation, who have long forgotten what God had given them, in their plot to kill the Son of God. Jesus is also warning them of what will happen: God will give the blessing to others - the Gentiles who will receive the Son and not reject Him.

How are you upholding the great inheritance God has given you in Jesus Christ? When God sends His servants to you do you give joyfully of what He has given you - your tithes, feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, caring for the widows and orphans? (Matt. 25:40)

You possess a great gift of liberty and opportunity. How will you use it?