That's Jesus' message to evil spirits. Wouldn't it be terrific if words like that were only heard when spoken with authority to cast out demons or silence evil spirits?

Imagine you're on that Van Praagh "ghost whisperer" program and, with the full authority of the Holy Spirit, you command him to "be quiet" and order the evil spirit to come out of him. Then, as the audience watches in amazement, he shakes violently and the spirit leaves him with a shriek!

That'd be cool.

Funny thing, though. Jesus gave that same authority first to His disciples (Mark 6:7), and now to us (Matthew 28:19-20). So it's entirely possible that the fully obedient, mature Christian can literally put Van Praagh out of business and have him leave the studio praising God!

This is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, available to all who aree diligent enough to seek it. This passage tells us Jesus was teaching in the Synagogue. The people were amazed at His teaching: He taught with authority. Can you and I teach with authority - without being blasphemers? We all have the potential to do it - all who have the Holy Spirit. But if we don't study God's Word, apply and practice its teachings, and devote ourselves to to a lifetime of prayer and devotion, the Holy Spirit has nothing to work with. God gave us our smarts for a reason - we need to meeth the Holy Spirit at least half way to be used by God to any effect. Otherwise, these fraud "ghost whisperers" will continue to deceive the world and many will be lost forever.


Jesus casts out a demon while teching with authority in the Synagogue. The people were all amazed.


Jesus goes to Capernaum, teaches with authority in the Synagogue (v. 21-22)

Man posessed reveals Jesus as Holy One of God; Jesus commands the spirit leave him (v. 24-26)

The people are amazed, news spreads about Jesus

Subject Sentence:

Jesus teaches with authority and casts out spirits.


To cause the audience to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.