The crowds were so great no one could even get through the door. When Jesus returned to Capernaum, word had spread so quickly that a paralytic, carried by friends, seemed to have no chance to get close enough to be healed by Jesus. But these folks were not so easily discouraged. They dug through the roof and lowed the paralytic down so Jesus could see him, and possibly heal him.

Certainly, this man had hoped for healing - that with a word from Jesus, he would walk out of that house on his own two feet. And he would - but first, Jesus needed to teach a few skeptics a lesson. Jesus chose to give him a far more eternal gift: "Son, your sins are forgiven."

As usual, there were a bunch of lawyers around thinking, "blasphemy - who does He think He is, forgiving sins." Jesus, being God, not only could forgive sin, but He know what they were thinking. So He added a temporal component to this paralytics' blessing and healed him as well - and the paralytic did walk out on his own two feet.Jesus made it clear to the lawyers that He indeed is God, and indeed does have the authority to forgive sins.

So, knowing that Jesus has this authority - to forgive sins - how do we know that He has forgiven ours? It's a matter of belief. Do you believe that Jesus is who He says He is? which would you rather have: forgiveness of sins so you can have eternal life, or healing from whatever ailment or disability you have now? Sure, God has given a few both, but if you could choose only one, which one would it be?

And how about those lawyers? Our generation is used to hearing about the legal system destroying those who do good - it doesn't even outrage us any more. Unlike the lawyers of today, those "teachers of the law" were all about asserting their authority; today it's about making a name for themselves, and in some cases, it's an effort to mock the law.

Don't get lost in the so-called intellectualism of law. Believe in Jesus Christ and your sins will be forgiven (John 6:29). No "teacher of the law" - and no modern day lawyer - can take your salvation.


Jesus returns home to Capernaum. He preached to large crowds. Friends of a paralytic lower him to Jesus through a roof. Jesus forgives his sins. Teachers of the law think it's blasphemy, so Jesus proved His authority by also healing the paralytic.


  1. Jesus returns to Capernaum, preaches before large crowd (Mark 2:1-2a)
  2. Men lower paralytic through roof; Jesus forgives his sins (Mark 2:2b-5)
  3. Jesus knows thoughts of critics, responds by also healing paralytic (Mark 1:6-12)

Subject Sentence:

Jesus forgives, heals paralytic; rebukes His critics


To cause the audience to recognize that Jesus Christ has the authority to forgive sins, for He is God.