Two weeks ago we pondered a curious incident recorded in Mark 11:12-14, when Jesus cursed a fig tree which was not bearing fruit. Today we read the conclusion, and discover the lesson Jesus had for the disciples then, and for us today. It is that, "If you have faith in God, you can tell a mountain to throw itself into the sea, and if you do not doubt, it will be done for Him." (Mark 11:23)


When they passed the same fig tree again the next evening, Peter pointed it out, now withered from the roots.

Just as all of nature accepts and uses its resources to do all that it is capable of doing, so also we must use all the faith God gives us to do everything that He has commanded us to do.

I suppose that either no one today has that kind of faith (or we'd see mountains flinging themselves into the ocean), or that those with such faith are using it much more practically.

In Mark 11:25, Jesus reveals one of the greatest obstacles to having this kind of powerful faith: forgiving others. If we're able to understand and overcome this, the most serious obstacle, God may also give us the wisdom to use this powerful faith to His glory.

Will you work to discover everything there is to forgive, then do so fully? Then you, too, can have a faith that will move mountains - but by then, I'm sure you'll put it to more practical use.